Starworks Prime
ERP Solution

Starworks Prime offers a one-stop multi-sided platform targeted toward the exponentially growing startup ecosystem in India. Our End-to-End resource and operation management software caters to all ecosystem players, founders, mentors/consultants, startup incubators and Investors.
What’s more? Inbuilt E-meet tool to host group meetings, webinars and recording options.

Tech-Enable your Startup Incubator & Accelerator


Incubators & Accelerators

  • Create Startup Programs with multi-mentor model.
  • End-to-end Program operations with startup and mentor portals.
  • Trade with other ecosystem players for program model, virtual support, dedicated mentors, partnership, branding and more.

Startups & Businesses

  • Apply and participate in curated startup programs across the world.
  • Grow your startup with dedicated support from incubation, accelerator or pre-incubation programs offered by reputed organizations.
  • Effective goal management and  milestone tracking.

Mentors & Partners

  • Collaborate with various stakeholders for startup and business accelerator and incubation programs.
  • Grow your network with consistent and quality contributions.
  • Earn equities and increased business opportunities.

Services for Ecosystem Enablers

  • Accelerator and Incubation Program Services.
  • Information & Operations Management.
  • Incubator Set-up & Operationalization.
  • Start-up Assessment Reports.
  • Enterprise Technology Solutions.

World Of Stars​

Creating a digital community of startups, investors, incubators, mentors and other like-minded professionals 

who contribute to marketing, networking and growing the entrepreneurship spirit.

World of Stars community by Starworks Prime

  1. Members collaborate on dynamic business activities.
  2. Connecting entrepreneurs with established professionals.
  3. Enable start-up placement activities for the ecosystem.
  4. Manage student community oriented towards start-ups.
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