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COVID’19 has brought upon an era where the economy will be driven by start-ups. A huge resource of human power is required for the task. The start-up workforce has been undergoing a surge of young professionals(21-28) gearing up the ladder. The entrants are usually unaware of the general start-up information, dynamic challenges, start-up ecosystem players, start-up nuances and general experience. 

World Of Stars gears students with practical knowledge and experience while pursuing education to enable personal and professional growth. The skill set acquired is useful in both start-up and corporate scenarios.

The core vision of the World Of Stars community is to establish a strong student community that stands as a pillar to Indian start-up ecosystem.

Perks to Community Members

World of Stars assists students who wish to pursue a career in start-ups through,
  1. Start-up work experience with pay while pursuing education
  2. Field visits to start-ups
  3. Mentorship from entrepreneurs
  4. Exposure through networking sessions
  5. Placement assistance in start-ups
  6. Free courses and certifications

How to join our community?

Get recommended

Earn a recommendation letter from Introduction to Start-up ecosystem course.

For entrepreneurs

If you are a student entrepreneur with tangible start-up results, connect with us.

Introduction to Startup Ecosystem Course

Earn recommendation letters and certificates. Join this course and learn about start-ups ecosystem. 

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to start-up ecosystem players and their roles
  2. Start-up development life-cycle stages
  3. Start-up funding stages
  4. Fundraising, Incubation and accelerator programs
  5. General guidelines for starting-up
  1. What is innovation and basic guidelines
  2. Frameworks to sustain innovation

The course will end with an innovative activity to gauge your learnings, attitude and start-up aptitude.

  1. Essay to test application of course learnings
  2. Start-up Case study
  3. General Essay

Perks for students

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How does it work?
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