Is your startup investor-ready?

Requirements of a investor-ready startup,

  • Ready for execution
  • High clarity in planning for the consecutive startup stage & further stages
  • Authentic and Internalized start-up culture
  • Available documentations
  • Heightened team ability to articulate & communicate the present business and it’s future


What's in it for you?

Top 30 Startups

  • Investor shopping
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Free assessment session
  • Mentorship opportunities

Top 10 Startups

  • Investor shopping
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Free fundability analysis
  • Free assessment session
  • Mentorship opportunities

Perks of Participation

  • Investor reference database listing
  • Participation Certificate
  • Mentorship opportunities

Assessment Flow

  1. Startups registering for the course will be sent an email with a date for investor readiness assessment.
  2. On the said day, a link will be sent to the registered representative of the startup. Open the webpage, the questionnaire has to be filled promptly and honestly.
  3. Start-ups will receive a report of the assessment with a participation certificate.
  4. Select top startups will be called for an online assessment session where-in start-up will be interviewed by a jury panel post which certification of recognition will be granted.
  5. Letter of recommendations(LOR) will be provided to top 10 start-ups and investor shopping shall commence to those start-ups with LOR.
  6. All registered start-ups shall be registered on our start-up database and shall be referred to investors if they deem fit by aligning synergies and focus areas.

Grading Mechanism

A start-up is a journey towards becoming a full-fledged business. The parameters to call start-ups investor ready varies between developmental life cycle stages.

Investor readiness assessment form has questions to assess the efficiency of methods utilized to understand and effectiveness of the scope of detailed planning for strong market establishment. Every question in the form is allocated maximum points. The points allocated are unique to start-up developmental life-cycle stages. Each development lifecycle stage equips and strengthens certain elements of start-ups. The points are allocated to take into account the elements and its requirement in its respective life cycle stage. 

A full fledged business has well defined, structured and internalized all the mentioned elements,

Core Motivations

  1. Vision
  2. Mission

Core Entities

  1. Team
  2. Customers
  3. Value Proposition
  4. Business Solution
  5. Resources
  6. Business Partners/Associates

Core Tools

  1. Business Plan
  2. Acquisition plans
  3. Financial plans
  4. Expansion plans
  5. Projection documents
  6. Management Systems and SoPs
  7. Process tools

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