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Investor Readiness Assessment by Starworks​

Raising funds require start-ups to be fundable and investor ready. Understand your readiness to onboard investors by participating in Investor Readiness Competition to win recognition and fundraising opportunities.


What's in it for you?

Top 30 Startups

  • Demo Day
  • Certificate of recognition
  • Free assessment session
  • Assessment report and course of action suggest
  • Investor shopping opportunities
  • Mentorship opportunities

Top 10 Startups

  • Demo Day
  • Recommendation letter
  • Free fundability analysis
  • Free assessment session
  • Assessment report and course of action suggestion
  • Investor shopping
  • Mentorship opportunities

Perks of Participation

  • Participation Certificate
  • Assessment report and course of action suggestion
  • Investor reference database listing
  • Mentorship opportunities


Starworks Prime​

Services for Incubators

  1. Accelerator and incubation program services
  2. Information management & utilization
  3. Incubator set-up & Operationalization
  4. Start-up Assessment
  5. Enterprise technology solutions

Services for start-ups

  1. Documentation services
  2. Investor Shopping
  3. Fundability assessment
  4. Idea and business model validation
  5. Business systems and models design
  6. Marketing and strategy consultation
  7. Student Hiring and freelancing

World Of Stars​

Starworks is working towards the future where students are an important pillar of the start-up ecosystem.
Today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens and thus it is only fitting that they learn and grow their entrepreneurship spirit.

World of Stars student community by Starworks

  1. Train student members to perform dynamic business activities through experience
  2. Inspire students by connecting with entrepreneurs and established professionals
  3. Enable start-up placement activities for students
  4. Manage student community oriented towards start-ups
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Archimedes of Syracuse
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B.Tech, NITK


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Associate Startup Consultant

Student, WOS Professional Academy

Startup Consultant

MBA, IIM Indore |, H.B.T.U Kanpur

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Startup Consultant

MBA, IIM Indore | B.Tech – NIT Calicut

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MBA, IIM Indore | BTech, Govt. Engg. College, Barton Hil,l Trivandrum

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